Awatere Safaris New Zealand


We offer several types of hunting trips and weekend hunts around New Zealand. These range from tutorial hunts for new hunters, weekend meat hunts, father and son hunts, Long range cull hunts and trophy hunts for most species of New Zealand game animals. Each trip is customised to suit the ability of the client and we can take families and small groups of up to 6 people. More information and pricing on request.


In addition to New Zealand we offer  trophy hunting in Australia, Argentina, Mexico, North  America, Africa, Europe and Western Asia for all big game and game bird species.
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This is a world class competition in New Zealand. This event challenges you and your equipment on targets from 100-1200 yards, shooting various positions and hunting situations. Over the two competitions we have a wide variety of competitors from the very talented highly accurate shooters through to those who just love to be out there testing their own abilities. Even many of top guys have been caught out with the quick changes in weather.


To get the best out of your long range rifle and to shoot well consistently, you need to know how to set your rifle up properly and practise with it regularly. We run long range shooting clinics, tutorials, shooting weekends and long range varminting sessions that provide the long range shooter with not only great places to shoot; but also plenty of help, advice and equipment if required.

We facilitate long range shooting schools run by Mike Perkins from crosshairs shooting clinic USA. These include weekend long range workshops for hunters and long range enthusiasts.

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"Having been a sniper and sniper instructor for 26 years, I decided to adapt some of that instruction into a class for hunters that would help them learn to shoot, shoot better and build confidence by using those shooting fundamentals to engage targets at extended distances out to 1000 yards. " 

                                                                                           Mike Perkins