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               Price: $6799 NZD

This lightweight model is our most popular all round rifle and incorporates all the lightest and highest performing parts without compromising accuracy or durability, making it ideal for any hunting, competition or long range shooting scenario.

The Proof research carbon wrapped barrel, coupled with carbon fibre composite stock and the numerous customised components give these rifles aggressive styling yet a sleek modern look and performance to match. With an unscoped weight of around 6lb (depending on what caliber, length of action and barrel length are selected), these lightweight rifles deliver sub half MOA accuracy with every shot. 

Once fitted with our Mach III titanium muzzle brakes, the ultra lite series are mild recoiling and easy to shoot accurately, even with large magnum calibers.

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                Price: $8000 NZD 

Designed with the competition scene or long range varminting in mind, this tactical style long range model provides a solid and stable platform to aid highly accurate shot placement and gives you all the advantages and features you can get in a purpose built tactical, sub half MOA rifle. 

Being a little heavier in weight (around 8.5lb unscoped, depending on action length, caliber and barrel length) does make them a little less portable but the other advantages soon become evident with this model.The ultimate long range enthusiasts rifle that shoots every bit as good as it looks! 

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               Price: $7000 NZD

This rifle gives you the best of both worlds and lends itself nicely to hunting, competition or long range varminting. 

Essentially the barrel and action are identical to the ultra lite carbon with the only difference being the stock style. Our carbon A3/A5 type stocks give you a slightly different grip style and a wider beavertail fore end. This aids front end stability for bench rest type shooting and gives the rifle a different feel for bipod and prone shooting positions. 

With only a fraction more weight than the carbon ultralight (about 6.75lb) these are still a very portable, lightweight rifle , more than capable of less than half MOA accuracy.